Think your way to better Pickleball!

About Winning Pickleball

PIckleball expert David Satka shows players of all levels how to improve their game through careful strategy, refined technique and mental toughness. Remember: you don't have to be a natural athlete to become a better player, so long as you know the secrets of winning.


With WINNING PICKLEBALL, you'll learn secrets to success like:

  • Identifying your current level and how best to play up to it
  • What peak performance really looks like
  • How to cultivate focus
  • Proper footwork and shot selection
  • Perfect practice to practice perfectly
  • The importance of partner communication


Wanting to win isn't enough - you need to know how to win to succeed at anything, and pickleball is no different. Let WINNING PICKLEBALL show you how to do just that!

"If you are reading this book, you too are likely hooked on the fastest growing sport in America. You also want to improve your game, but not everyone wants to be a pro or put in the time necessary to be the best of the best. This book will do just that. It will give you tips to improve quickly, as well as tell stories, make you laugh, and give you insights to the pros."

from the Foreword by

Leigh and Anna Leigh Waters

"Team Waters"